Study Finds Tinder Users Aren’t Just Using It To Get Laid..

Tinder’s on-site sociologist Jessica Carbino (Who knew Tinder had an on-site sociologist?) looked over a mountain of data that was acquired from a pair of surveys Tinder conducted to compare their users with offline daters. The surveys were filled out by over 7,000 Tinder users, and 2,500 offline daters, between the ages of 18-36. What she concluded was that people swiping right and left were more likely to be trying to find a committed relationship than their offline contemporaries. The survey also pointed out that 30 percent of men who aren’t using an online source say that it’s “challenging to commit.” In comparison, only nine percent of Tinder users said they find it hard to stay in a committed relationship. According to The New York Times, those percentages were similar for women…

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