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Sex Play

From striptease to soft bondage, through food and ice, a playful attitude to lovemaking can help you feel more erotically charged and free to enjoy your sex life to the max.

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Oral sex issues: in my mouth?

Favourite foreplay for me is oral sex. I love to come when my man goes down on me – and it only makes when he enters me all the more sensational. I like to give him oral, too, but don’t want him to come. Partially it’s that I...

Vibrators vs. dildos, the orgasm guide

Which are the sex toys best set to deliver your perfect orgasm? We’ve put together the Lovers’ Guide dildo and vibrator orgasm guide to help you decide.

Sex with ice

Break the ice with your partner and send them into shivers of delight. Icy games can ignite fiery passion in the frostiest lover.

Sharing your rabbit vibrator with your partner

Although some men feel uncomfortable about their partner using sex toys as they feel threatened by them, at least as many men find the idea of watching their lover masturbate a top turn on. As such, introducing your man to your...

Get the buzz on sex toys

Satisfaction guaranteed. Make your love-play extra pleasurable with our guide to vibrators, dildos and other fun sex toys.