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Better Sex: Pleasing Him

Men may often seem easy to satisfy sexually, but it's likely there are things that he isn't telling you - or perhaps doesn't know himself. Use the Lovers' Guide to help you take the initiative and he'll be sure to thank you!

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He doesn’t like oral sex: help!

What’s going on when your male partner doesn’t like you giving him oral sex? Could it be your technique – and is there anything you can do to encourage him to like you giving him a blowjob? Advice is given.

Can I really tell my girlfriend about my sex toys?

A lot of guys appreciate anal stimulation, and many have enjoyed anal sex play with other guys. It’s good to be able to share our sexual experiences, desires and ways of enjoying sex with our partners. Advice is given.

Oral sex technique - pleasing him

Good oral sex for him is about lubricant, staying power and general gusto – knowing his partner loves giving him oral as much as he loves receiving it. There’s the visual appeal of seeing his penis slide in and out of his...

Anal orgasm for men – prostate sensation

Men can experience full and ejaculatory orgasm through anal, rectal and prostate stimulation alone, in the absence of direct genital touch. Then again, some men reach orgasm and ejaculate when they are urinated upon: such is the...

Male multiple orgasm – you and yours

Multiple male orgasm is said to occur when the man is capable of separating the experience of orgasm from ejaculation. The training to achieve male multiple orgasm is an exercise in brinkmanship, muscle control and sheer will...