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Dating Tips

Don't fluff it! Use the Lovers' Guide dating tips to help you shine with that potential new lover. Pass the first and the second and third date tests. Learn where to go, what to say - and how to enjoy it!

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Single and dating? Top ten conversation tips

Brush up your dating skills. The Lovers' Guide advises on the do's and don'ts of sexy conversation.

Spotting when your partner is ready for sex

Whether you're looking for a casual fling or want to take your relationship from flirty to frisky, you need to know the signs that say: "Let's do it" or "Don't even think about it"! We've got some handy tips to help you spot the...

How to pass the first date test

You can worry about it and muddle it all you like. You can say the wrong thing, spill the wine, pig out on a four course feast while your date eats salad, forget the name of that book you were reading especially to make...

Casual Sex: The Rules

Between relationships – and don’t want a new relationship yet – but not ready to give up your sex life? Well, thanks be to condoms, you might find the casual sex option the solution for you. These are the rules.

Sexual success – and the human male

Many men feel unsuccessful with women. The Lovers' Guide lets you into the secrets of sexual success!