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From the heady days of dating to the ups and downs of married life, whatever relationship stage you're at, the Lovers' Guide has inspirational advice and tips for you. Flirt and date with confidence, discover the secrets of body language, understand what your partner is really trying to tell you – and keep the romance alive.



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My partner saw a prostitute?!

In the middle of a really bad row, and I mean a 9 on the Richter Scale, my husband spat at me that he had once been to a prostitute. It hit me hard at the time, but then the whole row was hugely unsettling, and I didn’t ask when...

Boost your sex appeal

There's nothing more fun than feeling sexy, and even if you're feeling low on confidence, there are plenty of little things you can do to make yourself the centre of attention.

Open Relationships

Allowing each other sexual freedom may seem fine in theory, but rarely works in practice. Emotions keep getting in the way.


How to make friends and influence people

Here’s what’s happening. You’re out and about, perhaps at the local, and you meet – we’ll take this from the point of view of the girls and call him Joe. You met Joe for the first time last week. He’s great. He’ll make a really...

Is infidelity always bad?

'Till death us do part' say the vows. Whilst many people have monogamous marriages and 'forsake all others', affairs are also a fact of life. But is infidelity always a bad thing? Can a relationship remain healthy when the...

Time to grieve

He’s dumped you. What advice is on offer here? Pick yourself up? Get over it? Life moves on? Well, it does, in the end. You will – but that won’t happen straight away. There’s more than a little unhappiness to get through first....