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Get Loved Up For Life!

From the heady days of dating to the ups and downs of married life, whatever relationship stage you're at, the Lovers' Guide has inspirational advice and tips for you. Flirt and date with confidence, discover the secrets of body language, understand what your partner is really trying to tell you – and keep the romance alive.



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How relationships progress

The ups and downs of life with a partner are familiar to all of us – but do you know why the course of true love rarely runs smoothly?

Saying its over

You know it’s time for the relationship to end. You’ve closed off from him. You just no longer fancy him, find his presence and his (increasingly) irritating (stupid) habits downright oppressive. (Why did it never really bug you...

The ex-Factor

Can you be friends with your ex - and should you? The Lovers' Guide gives you the grounds on which you can decide.


Counselling and how to get it

Many people benefit from talking over their problems with a counsellor and the field of counselling has grown enormously in recent years. As the field grows so does the number of approaches, and although this means that there is...

Safer sex for the heart

The phrase 'safe sex' is expected to apply to the body, but your heart is just as important. Sadly, you can't protect your emotions with a packet of three, but a few bits of common sense can prevent you getting into obviously...