Signs Of Low Testosterone Levels In Men..

Testosterone is a steroid hormone produced in men. It is responsible for giving men their male characteristics, which is what determines them as ‘males’. Production of testosterone starts to increase significantly in men during puberty, but begins to dip after they reach the age of 30. While it’s natural for testosterone levels to decrease gradually as men age, some men will experience greater reductions than others, which can lead to levels being too low. But how do you know if you have low testosterone levels? Dr Ferran Garcia, head of Andrology at fertility clinic Institut Marques, lists five signs: Decrease in sexual performance; Weak bonesHeart problems; Low mood and Hair reduction. “Testosterone has the same protective effect on men as oestrogen has on women. Hence, if its levels are below usual, the risk of cardiovascular disorders, osteoporosis and other undesirable conditions increases,” said Dr Garcia. “Men may also develop ‘andropause’ – a condition that is associated with a decrease in testosterone – for which the symptoms are very similar to those of the menopause”…

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