Show us your bits! The Genital Gallery

It’s your turn to be explicit! We’re building the Lovers’ Guide Genital Gallery – and we’d like to put yours on show – it’s part of a cause to show how much they vary, to celebrate them and end the “shame” that used to be attached to our glorious organs of pleasure and reproduction.

Email your pictures. Aroused and engorged or flaccid – or send pictures of each. You could even send in pictures of your and your partner’s genitals – and have fun photographing each other’s.

Tell us a little about your genitals too, whatever you might like to say. Are you happy with what you’ve got? Are there any memorable experiences of exploration? If your willy or vagina could speak, what would it say? Do you have a special name for your bits? What’s the loveliest/weirdest/funniest thing you’ve done with them?

See a sample of the images sent in so far. Click here

We would ask that images are sent as .jpg attachments. By sending, you warrant that the genitals are indeed yours to publish and confirm our right to do so  – and that you’re over eighteen.

Needless to say, your anonymity is sacred and email addresses will never be shared with others. You might, though, wish to give yourself or your genitals a nick name.


And enjoy.

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Watch this!
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