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The full Lovers' Guide Sexual Positions DVD is now available to download. You can watch this feature anywhere. This isn't region encoded. You can watch it now.

Our Sexual Positions guide is deservedly famous. With over 60 positions to choose from, all performed on screen, you'll find a wealth of information to help you invigorate your love life with your partner.

Learn new sexual positions - and discover how to get the absolute most from the positions you love best.

For Lovers' Guide visitors outside of Europe (region 2) this is your way of viewing this Lovers' Guide feature and all the other titles in our bestselling range.

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We hope you enjoy.

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More sexual positions advice:

Side-by-side sex positions

For couples who prize intimacy and close contact when they make love, side-by-side sex positions give maximum opportunity for cuddling, caressing and kissing.


Best positions for deep penetration

Few couples use positions for deep penetration every time they make love. Occasionally, however, a couple may wish to experiment with positions that offer especially deep penetration and a whole wealth of new sensations.


Enhancing the missionary position

Man-on-top lovemaking positions aren't always passive for the woman. With many variations on the 'missionary' position, the woman can control the depth of penetration and set the pace for intercourse. .


Rear-entry positions

Of all the rear-entry sexual positions, the 'doggy' position is almost certainly the best known. But with imagination, the loving couple can find others that are even more stimulating.


Woman on top sexual positions

These positions put the control with the woman - and are a great way of enhancing the woman's experience of her own sexuality. The man lies on his back while the woman rides him. She can then set the speed and depth of penetration. Pin his arms to the bed for extra power!


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