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Penis sizePenis Size

The average penis size when erect for white males is estimated to be in the region of five to six and a half inches - and probably towards the lower end of this range, given that men may be giving way somewhat to wishful thinking when measuring and reporting. It is interesting to note that most men who attempt to enlarge their penises already have over the average penis size. Anxiety, anxiety. Yes, there are those who do have a small penis, but most of those who fear they have are perfectly 'normal'.

Worries about 'measuring up' emerge during puberty, perhaps because before the age of around 15, 16, 17 or later, boys' penis size will vary according to how far advanced they are through puberty and will not have attained full adult size - for which reason it is fairly meaningless to talk of 'normal' or average teen penis size. It is also possible that they will not have seen other boys' erect penises and do not realise that while the size of flaccid penises varies widely, erection is a levelling influence and tends to even out the difference in inches.

Such worries persist into adulthood - when it is even less likely men will have the chance to compare their own erect penis with others'. Bigger is better, so we are taught, and the only erections men are likely to see (apart from their own) are those wielded by porn stars chosen precisely because of their above-average penis size. Indeed, one reaction to the first Lovers' Guide video was a sigh of relief when men realised they were in fact normal.

Well, be ye huge or 'small', there's close to nothing you can do to change your penis size. We strongly recommend you do not use 'penis-developer' vacuum pumps, since these can damage your penis and interfere with your ability to sustain an erection. What you can do is learn to use what you've got - and that doesn't just mean your penis; it means your hands, your mouth... and your imagination.

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