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Oral Sex Tips

Head for the right spots and you can have your partner in oral sex heaven in no time. The Lovers' Guide gives you the low-down, or go-down, on the oral sex techniques guaranteed to please.

Of course, the first 'rule' of oral sex is to enjoy what you're doing. After all, giving oral sex is your treat as much as your partner's.

If you do enjoy giving oral sex, the rest will pretty much follow. But don't be over-assuming - the oral sex techniques which wowed your last partner might need tailoring a little to please your current love - and use the Lovers' Guide oral sex tips to take your technique to the next level.

Oral sex tips - key articles:

How to give her amazing oral sex

Quick fire do's and don'ts including oral sex positions, variations in the ways you can use your lips, tongues and hands - and a gentle reminder to shave. Learn more.

Oral sex tips to please him

Men are visual creatures - but follow these tips and he won't realise you aren't really 'deep-throating' him. Master the geography of his penis, discover which bits respond to which touches in which ways, and take him 'round the world'. Learn more.

Sex tips for men

Women love oral sex. Show your woman how much you love her and become a more intimate lover by giving your lovemaking skills a make-over. Learn more.

Oral sex dilemma

What might be the issues if you really don't want to swallow your partner's semen - or if she hates swallowing yours? It's possible they lie deeper than you might think. We help you get your problems solved. Learn more.

Four scintillating sex treats for him

Oral - and beyond. Experiment with these sexy treats and techniques to add new experiences and sensations to even the best lovemaking. Learn more.

Four fabulous ways to please her

Pamper your partner. All that is required is a sensitive and loving touch - and a little imagination. We show you how.  Learn more.

So he has a small penis? Make him feel huge!

If your man does have a small penis - and bear in mind here that the average erect penis size is five to six inches - take these steps to rocking great sex and to convince him he is 110% man. and huge! Learn more.

His erogenous zones - Know his body better than he does!

From his head to his toes, every part of a man will make him groan with pleasure, just as long as you know how to touch him the right way. The Lovers' Guide shows you how. Learn more.



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