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Show us your bits!

Our thanks to those of you who've sent in pictures of your genitals and told us a little about them. Keep your pictures coming. So far, though, it's mostly the men we've been hearing from. Girls, show us your bits too! We'd love the gallery to celebrate everyone's organs of pleasure and reproduction, not just half the world's!


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Hi. My name is nathan and my penis size is bout 6inches. Not too bad - good enough for wot i need it for. Thanx for the other people's pics... Well, here is mine and the missus.

Nathan - more

I have no name for my penis. He's about 5 1/2 - 6in, 20 years old, and has no experience with someone else yet (no need doing it with the wrong person). We do have a lot of fun by ourselves though.  

JJ - more

Hi. I'm Ian, 34yr from Kent. Ithink you have a great site and would like you to add my penis to your site. It's 9 inchs long and loves to be played with.

Ian - more

Here is my friend - first seen with a female at the age of 16. Later I had a lovely sex partner and we were compatible and finally a lovely wife - and we are still going strong. I am very proud of my beloved and have always wanted to show others and see others.

D - more

Hi. Do you want to see my more 'mature' bits? How many 50 year olds will send you photos showing their girly parts like this? Mine may be older but they are still good enough for my hubby! Regards,

Julia - more

After years of keeping it under wraps, I think it high time my pride and joy was shown for all to see.  My partner admires it due to its thickness. That is what she tells me anyway. I hope others may get pleasure from viewing it also.

Michael - more

Hi. You say you are short of us ladies. Well, thought I would do my bit.  With my 36EE bobs (not pictured) and my shaven pussy my husband has plenty to do. And when he’s not about I also enjoy playing with my toys.

M - more

Hi. This is me! Great website and I have a few of your books.

I am trying to improve my girlfriends sexual inhibitions and my own shyness and thought this would be a great way to do so. Displaying my newly shaved penis (4 ½ in) for all to see and especially her to see from her work abroad.

Keep up the good work, LG.

Ayam - more

The weirdest thing I have ever done with my bits is to shave my balls and send photos of the finished product into the Lovers Guide for one and all to see. I know I don't have the biggest willy in the World (hopefully not the smallest package sent in!), but with the help of the Lovers' Guide videos I have been able to use it with great effect - thanks Lovers Guide!

Bob Bob - more

This image sent in by Busty40DD.

If you're reading this, do feel free
to write a little to post here!


Busty - more

Hi Lovers Guide!

My wife and I enjoy the website and didn't hesitate to contribute add to the gallery.

When fully aroused my penis is about 7 inches, which I am pretty happy about :) The picture of my wife's bits is a bit out of focus but as you can see it is a thing of beauty!!!

J&Y - more

Dear Lovers' Guide, Let's hope everyone joins in! Here's my Mr Willie - who's done great service for many years. His first sexual experience was a hand-job when he was 9, with an enthralled 15 year old female babysitter. These days you'd call Childline - but then, he couldn't have been happier. He first had sex at 14, went through the Summer of Love (which he thoroughly enjoyed), has sired two fantastic sons and is into his second marriage. I keep his hair trimmed and his scrote shaved. Now being of an age, one of his great tricks is still to be able to stand totally upright when erect - honest! If I can get a shot of that (he gets camera shy), I'll send it in. Keep up the great work!!

Anthony - more

Photo quality isn't great.  Camera phones: grrr.  Don't have a name for my todge.  Poser? ('cos he's not camera shy :-])  Like most guys, I'd like a bit more - girth in preference to length.  Generally happy with it though.  Works well, not too tempermental, and my wife says she's happy with it.  If it could talk?  It'd probably say, 'Mmmmmmmore.'

Maxwell - more

If my willy could speak it would probably ask for more fun as he is lacking in experience. Having little confience in myself, my lousy social skills and my lack of conversation skills combine to make me feel so outcast that I cannot even attract a sex mad nymph to do it with me never mind find a good loving partner who wants to because she loves me. Let me say quickly here that finding a partner is the only real important thing here for me. The sex is not important really. Maybe it would be if I could be with someone.

Andy - more

Hi there. I couldn't resist replying to your request for photos... so here is a recent one of me taken when I was on my own in a hotel room.

I'm 55 years old and my wife and I have been married for 33 years. We still have a great sex life and have never been afraid of experimenting with new ways of pleasuring each other. As we've got older we've started to enjoy watching each other masturbate more and more... we both find it a massive turn on.

Pete - more

This was the first time I have been captured on a Digital Camera, and was an exciting thing to do.  I am happy with what I have, but as with most men, an extra inch would allow more adventurous positions.  The only name I have for him is "old faithful"  I have very large nuts and women often find they can't get one in their mouths.  I have been blessed with the amount of cum i can ejaculate (2-3 table spoons), which for a lady who likes oral is great! 

The best thing i have done whilst i was still a single man, was have a threesome with another couple, and be videoed.

Scam - more

Hi ny name is Billy. Im 19 years old. My penis's name is Big Bob and my testicals are named thing 1 and 2. The weirdest thing I've done with Big Bob was stick him in a bowl of jello, and it make me aroused.

Big Bob is also about eight inches long and I love to play with him. I hope you like it.

Billy - more

Hello! For being 23 I'm not that experienced, but I sure know what I'm doin, so my wife says.  Mainly, the only thing I've done really is shave everything off. I also shave my wife from time to time. She likes that and it turns her on. His name is Lil Sarge.  Erect, he's about 6 to 6.5.  I guess it depends on the level of excitement.  Even though I only have a camera phone pic of the wife (for now) I guess this one will have to do.  Shes a beaut!!!

                                                                                                  M & D - more

Well I am 22 and so far no complaints about my 61\2 inchs of pleasure. My girlfriend enjoys playing with and sucking it -.which is fine by me. My girlfriend has called it Xavier a couple of times. Not sure why, but hey, it's a name. Feel Free to leave a comment!

Derek - more

Delighted to share with you the genitals of A (f) and C (m), both 43 years of age. A's pussy and C's percy have been together for more than 21 years now.

They have been licked and sucked, fingered and fucked, cherished and adored, but never ever bored. Both have been shaved at various times but we prefer neatly trimmed. They are our favourite toys, both singly and together and we can't keep our hands or our mouths off each other, even after all these years and two chidlren!

A & C - more

Hey, this is my best friend. We have fun all the time. I hope you like it.

J - more

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