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Foreplay Techniques

Prolonged foreplay and good foreplay techniques are usually essential for a woman to achieve orgasm during sex - and given over twenty minutes of foreplay, almost all women will achieve orgasm. That, however, certainly doesn't mean that foreplay is the 'boring bit' a man has to do before sex! With good techniques and in a loving relationship, foreplay is an absolute pleasure in itself - and, indeed, need not actually lead to full penetrative sex.

Not sure what to do? Our introductory selection of Lovers' Guide foreplay techniques should have you well on the road to thriving in your lovemaking.

Foreplay techniques - key articles:

Best male masturbation technique

What with all those years practising, he probably thinks he's got hand jobs cut and dried. You're about to convince him differently! As a stand-alone treat or as part of your foreplay, try these twelve best masturbation techniques on him, and he'll discover the true meaning of the term 'hand-job heaven'. Before this, heaven was just a word. Learn more.

Female masturbation technique

Don't be shy: masturbation is good for you! We explore the best female masturbation techniques to have you feeling sensual and reaching orgasm - alone or with your partner. Learn more.

Oral sex tips for men

Women love oral sex. Enhance your foreplay techniques, show your partner how much you love her and become a more intimate lover by giving your oral sex skills a make-over. Learn more.

Oral sex tips for her

Head for the right spots, and you can have him in oral sex heaven in no time! The Lovers' Guide gives you the low-down, or go-down, on the oral sex techniques guaranteed to please him. Learn more.

How to seduce your husband

Seducing your husband may seem a novel idea, but it can pay dividends in terms of your relationship and add an extra-special something to your sex life. Ultimate foreplay! Learn more.

How to seduce your wife

Seducing a woman is always a pleasurable challenge for some men, but seducing a long-term partner may be an occasion which can bring even greater rewards. Learn more.

The clitoris - purely for pleasure

Maximise sexual pleasure - with nature's blessing. The most sensitive part of most women's bodies is the clitoris. Learning about how it can be used to maximize sexual pleasure is an essential part of female masturbation, foreplay techniques and lovemaking. Learn more.

Get the buzz on sex toys

To many, sex toys, especially vibrators, are an integral part of female masturbation. Well, we wouldn't recommend you rely on your toys, but they can certainly help to give masturbation and foreplay that extra buzz. Learn more .

Seven ways to be a sensual lover

Bring your oral sex, masturbation and foreplay techniques within a much broader view of your sensuality. Learn to pamper yourself, relax and think and feel sensually. Enjoy your sexual fantasies - and when you masturbate let them play! Learn more.

Four scintillating sex treats for him

Oral sex tips - and beyond. Experiment with these sexy treats to add new experiences and sensations to even the best lovemaking. Learn more.

Four fabulous ways to please her

Pamper your partner. All that is required is a sensitive and loving touch - and a little imagination. We show you how.  Learn more.



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