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Female Masturbation Techniques

Don't be shy: masturbation is good for you! We explore the best female masturbation techniques to have you feeling sensual and reaching orgasm - alone or with your partner.

Girls, if you've never tried masturbating, chances are you've never had an orgasm during sex. While the average male starts to masturbate at 12-13, most women tend to start in their later teens - and then the subject is even more shrouded in taboo than it is with 'the lads'.

Beyond adolescence, male and female masturbation can tend to become an 'open secret'. We (pretty much) all do it, but few are prepared to discuss their masturbation techniques and preferences openly. So, if you're not sure how best to have solo sex and pleasure yourself, we'll show you how.

Female masturbation techniques - key articles:

Female masturbation techniques

An introductory guide to the best masturbation techniques you can use to take yourself to orgasmic heaven. Set the scene, take the phone off the hook, let your resistance go - and begin to explore. Learn more.

The clitoris - purely for pleasure

Maximise sexual pleasure - with nature's blessing. The most sensitive part of most women's bodies is the clitoris. Learning about how it can be used to maximize sexual pleasure is an essential part of masturbation and lovemaking. Learn more.

Seven ways to be a sensual lover

Bring your masturbation techniques within a much broader view of your sensuality. Learn to pamper yourself, relax and think and feel sensually. Enjoy your sexual fantasies - and when you masturbate let them play! Learn more.

The big 'O' - understanding the female orgasm

When you masturbate or have sex with your partner - or, of course, masturbate while having sex with your partner - find the right frame of mind and avoid the blocks which might hinder your capacity to reach orgasm. Learn more.

Get the buzz on sex toys

To many, sex toys, especially vibrators, are an integral part of masturbation. Well, we wouldn't recommend you rely on your toys, but they can certainly help to give masturbation that extra buzz. Learn more.

What is wrong if I have never experienced female orgasm?

Almost all women are able to experience orgasm, whether through masturbation or through plenty of foreplay followed by penetrative sex. There are, however, a number of reasons why a woman might find she is unable to experience orgasm. The problem is often psychological, but there might be physiological causes. Learn more.

Marvelous masturbation tips!

Masturbation improves your sexual confidence, reduces stress, boosts your self-esteem and is great for you sex life. So please yourself!

Contrary to popular opinion, masturbation is one of the best ways to improve your sex life. If you know what you like, you can tell your partner and have more fun together. It helps improve your sexual confidence, reduces stress, boosts self-esteem and helps build mutual respect in relationships. It even helps you sleep better! Learn more.

Overcoming your inhibitions

Inhibitions are feelings that prevent you from enjoying sex or even from becoming sexually aroused. Learning to overcome inhibitions can take time and effort, but the improvement in your sex life - and your partner's - will be well worth it! Learn more.



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