Sex Toys In Luggage Triggered Major Security Alert At Berlin Airport..

Tuesday was not a stellar day for Germany’s airports.

On the very same day a terminal at Frankfurt Airport was forced to evacuate after a whole family made it through security without being properly screened, authorities were called in at Berlin’s Schonefeld Airport after screeners mistook sex toys for potentially dangerous devices. “Due to police investigation concerning a piece of baggage, check-in at Terminal D is currently restricted,” the airport tweeted on Tuesday morning. Federal police told the Deutsche-Presse Agentur (DPA) that the luggage in which the devices were found belonged to a pair of 31-year-old travelers. The male passenger who had brought the bag initially told authorities it contained “technical stuff” when questioned, possibly out of embarrassment, according to CNN. Terminal D was opened a little over an hour later, after the bag was cleared by a bomb squad. The DPA’s report suggested that not just one, but multiple sex toys were found in the passengers’ luggage…

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