Sex positions: the head rush


For an unusual angle of penetration – stretching his penis and targeting her G-spot – and a rush of blood to the head, try… the ‘head rush’!

The woman sits astride the man in the traditional woman-on-top position, then leans back as far as she can until her head is hanging down between the man’s legs. Try this on the edge of bed, and her head can hang over – and lower still. He grips her hips and controls the thrusts.

For him: the angle stimulates different parts of the penis to more regular woman-on-top, plus, if she’s feeling sufficiently balanced, she can slide one hand behind to caress your testicles.

For her: in addition to the G-spot stimulation, the clitoris is clearly presented for manual stimulation by you or your partner.

Some women find the feeling of blood rushing to the head arousing. Others, though, can start to feel faint. If you do become dizzy, stop and roll forwards and upright again.

Take it slowly to begin with. You’ll need to be supple – and he might not want his penis being bent back too far!

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