Sex positions: the bum lift

038.gifThe ‘bum lift’ can be labour intensive, but it’s great for deep, G-spot stimulation – especially if he isn’t hugely endowed, and allows easy clitoral and breast stimulation – plus which, the man gets a great view!

To achieve this position, the woman lies on her back with her legs spread. The man then puts his hands under her hips and lifts them, his penis angling towards her G-spot. He should spread his legs, as this takes the pressure off his testicles, ensuring they don’t get squashed. She may support herself with feet on the bed, or with her legs on his arms or over his shoulders.

Take it slowly, especially if he’s large – and, men, tell your partner how good she looks! Women, you should be able to stroke yourself while having sex in this position, and also share control of the depth and force of penetration, pushing further onto him or pulling back.

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