Sex Positions: Pleasing Him, Getting Yourself Off

Illustrated Sex Positions: Woman-On-Top: The Bucking Bronco Sex PositionThere are times when the gift of love with your partner means you want to dedicate some time to making him happy. It’s nice to treat our partner, watch him going all doe-eyed and helplessly grateful. When you’re having sex, explore sex positions that give him heightened sensation, tactile and visual, generally ‘wowing’ him, blowing his XY mind. And of course, while you’re giving him his treats, you can be making sure you’re getting yours.


Kick off by taking control. Strip him down, lay him back, and straddle him. Let him feast his eyes on you. Kiss, tenderly or with a hard, sexy edge, just as you like and just as is natural for you. Caress his penis with your pubic area, and as you become wet use your wetness as natural lube for him. Go slowly and tease him a little before you let him inside.

One thing about women-on-top positions is that men can tend to take a while to come, if indeed they come at all. For a man, the positions are relatively slow and passive. What that means is that you’ve got time really to deepen the mood and as well to get yourself more and more aroused. Ride your partner and kiss him. Let him relax and enjoy being worked over. Kiss his eyes. Ask him to close his eyes. If you have long hair, you can trail this over your partner’s face. As you lean forward, you’ll increase your clitoral stimulation. Try reaching behind as well to tug gently and massage his balls. Reach right down and massage his perineum. Slip a lubed finger into his anus if he’s into that.

For G Spot stimulation, lean back on your arms. This angles his penis, which can increase the feeling for him of being big and hard. And he’ll get a great view of your breasts as your head falls back and you arch your spine.

Alpha Male

When you’ve had enough slow love, start to move into positions in which he’ll be more active. Have him kneel while you sit astride him. You’re still on top, but now he can set the pace as well, and he gets a great view of your breasts and can easily kiss them. Penetration isn’t fully deep in this position, and this can encourage him to thrust upward more. It’s a great preparation for getting him worked up and ready to get on top.

For man-on-top sex, try positions in which he can see both so much of your body and his own as he thrusts into you. Try the raised kneeling position, as you lie back and lift your lower torso up to him, throwing your head back while he kneels between your legs to penetrate. This position encourages him to go fast and hard. He can support and stroke your thighs and buttocks, and stimulate your clitoris. And don’t leave this just for him to do; stimulate your own clitoris to bring on orgasm. You can come first. As things get wild, use noise to add to his thrill, and to help let yourself go.

In positions closer to missionary, pull him into you with your lower legs and feet. Cross your legs behind him and you’ll ‘grip’ his penis more tightly, which can be great when he’s really aroused and approaching orgasm. Push back from your pelvis as with hands and arms you hold him tightly against you. It can be wonderful for both of you to experience such physical, sensory intensity at the same time as the emotional connection and emotional release. It’s a nice position too to find yourselves landed in, beached, once you’ve both come.

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