Sex positions: over the edge


Reach dizzying heights of pleasure by spicing up the old favourite missionary position – with sensational results.

Add spice to the missionary position by the woman dangling her legs over the edge of the bed – or it could be a sofa, kitchen table, office desk, or whatever else takes your fancy! The man stands or kneels beneath her to penetrate.

It’s good for him because it gives maximum thrust and deep penetration. You get a great, intimate view when you look down, and have easy access to your partner’s breasts and clitoris.

It’s good for her – well, for much the same reasons! You get to stimulate your breasts and clitoris easily, and it’s a good position to bring a toy into. Use a vibrator on your clitoris while your partner thrusts into you.

If you want to be more adventurous, try it with the man keeping one leg on the floor, the other kneeling up on the bed (etc) for added leverage. She can wrap one or both of her legs around his waist.

Caution: If he’s particularly large, take things slowly at first, as this really is deep. Take care also if the woman has back problems, as this may put too much strain on her back.

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