Sex Positions For ‘G Spot Orgasms’

the_head_rush_sex_positionsWhen we’re thinking of the sex positions which can be great for G Spot stimulation, we should say first off that the very notion of the G Spot, let alone of ‘G Spot orgasms’, is controversial. Amazingly, you might think, we don’t really know what the G Spot is. There are theories: it could reflect the extension of the clitoris back into the body behind the front vaginal wall; it could reflect the ‘female prostate’, a.k.a. the Skene’s gland; it could be a little piece of good news called the urethral sponge. And, if you have been digging around in yourself and you can’t find one, our best advice is maybe to lose the hype.

Why the hype? Quite possibly because mainstream female magazines have found it difficult to discuss, to write about, the clitoris in ways that would be fully explicit and honest, and the G Spot is easier to get onto the shelves of Wall-Mart. All that said: a significant proportion of women do find that their sexual pleasure and orgasm are enhanced by G Spot stimulation, whether through masturbation – or use of sex toys or other aspects of sex play – or during intercourse, and there are masturbation techniques and sex positions which are most likely to do it for yours.

Theories aside, we’ll run here with what tends to work – for a lot of women, maybe you. Have you already tried experiencing G Spot stimulation – maybe while he’s giving you oral sex, or with toys, including G Spot vibrators? If not, you might like to start with your partner going down on you, giving you oral sex, and as his tongue laps your clitoris, have him search with two fingers inside, his palm upwards, and beckon and tap against the anterior wall of your vagina, feeling especially for a slightly raised, sort-of-crinkly area (just as the top of his mouth feels when he rubs his tongue across it). With the arousal as he licks your clitoris, your G Spot may swell and the pleasure magnify from being touched here. It’s a difference feeling – differently wired – and can be quite overpowering, especially when it is combined with direct external clitoral stimulation.

Explore yourself as well through masturbation. It may be you are highly sensitive and responsive inside, around the G Spot. It may be you are less so. Different folks, different strokes. If you do enjoy the G Spot stimulation, bringing this into play when you have intercourse can be great.

Sex Positions For G Spot Stimulation | Try This!

the_g-spot_revolver_sex_positionsThe G Spot Revolver: From Missionary, he rides high on her, pushing and lifting forward, using his thighs to spread her legs, as she wraps around to grip him and pull him in against her. She needs to angle upwards, so she gets his penis rubbing against the G Spot – against the anterior, front, wall of her vagina. Then he takes it slow and rubs around and pulses against that spot. He’s delaying and edging his own orgasm while building hers.

CAT (Coital Alignment Technique): This sex position both grinds on the clitoris and stimulates the G Spot.  To make love using the Coital Alignment Technique, the man rests his full weight on the woman then edges himself upwards so that his pelvis is directly over hers.  The woman wraps her legs around him, keeping them straight then presses up as he moves backwards so that they’re both rocking gently against each other. As orgasm approaches, rather than speeding up, they just keep gently rocking so that the orgasm comes naturally rather than being ‘chased’.  This is a truly amazing experience that will help make you and your partner feel even closer and should result in truly amazing orgasms for both of you.

The Bucking Bronco: This sex position puts the woman in full control, and is great for clitoral as well as G Spot stimulation. She straddles her man, takes him inside, then leans back, resting her weight on her arms, to shift the angle of his penis, which now should be directed against her G Spot. Either partner can use a well-lubricated hand on her clitoris. In this position, intercourse will often last longer than usual, which can be great for both of you.

the_chain_sex_positionsThe Chain: This sex position stimulates the G-spot because of the unusual angle. To make love in this position, the woman lies on her back with her legs spread widely apart and the man, facing her feet, lowers himself on top so that his feet are on either side of her shoulders and his legs are over her hips. The woman rests her legs on the man’s back as he thrusts into her backwards. The woman can pull on his hips to deepen penetration.

Watch This!

Together, watch the Lovers’ Guide DVD video download ‘Sexual Positions’, and even as you’re watching, try out any and all of the positions which strike your fancy. You’ll discover what works best for you. It is certainly true to say that, for many women, their experience of orgasm is developed and enhanced through sex positions which stimulate the G Spot. But don’t worry if you find your body doesn’t respond so much to a particular position. There is no one rule here about what will get you off! What there is a whole range of beautiful options to explore.

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