Sex Enhancing Drug, Poppers, Set To Be Made Illegal..

A commonly used inhalant drug could soon share a category with heroin and cocaine, making it illegal to use and possess. Amyl Nitrite – also referred to as poppers – are commonly used during sex and for immediate highs, giving users a short head-rush and creates a euphoric feeling, while relaxing involuntary muscles such as the throat or anus. The substance is illegal to sell on the streets for recreational use, however sex shops around Australia use a legal loophole to sell them in stores. Many adult stores sell poppers behind the counter, with misleading labels such as ‘leather cleaner’ or ‘nail polish remover’, reported.Popular among the LGBT community, the product became a recreational drug from the mid-1970s, years after it was discovered to help people with angina and serious chest pain. The effects, including sexual arousal and intense euphoria only last up to two minutes, but one 30ml bottle can provide hundreds of hits. Immediate negative effects most often experienced with poppers include dizziness, headaches, increased pressure behind the eyes, and a sensitivity to light…

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