Sex and water

sex_and_waterThe feeling of weightlessness experienced in water can add a new dimension to a couple’s lovemaking – and you need look no further than the bath or shower for the ideal venue.

Water has long been known to have cleansing, relaxing and healing properties, and these – together with its potential for sensuality – have always made it a powerful force when combined with sex.

The human body is composed mainly of water and as we start life in the watery environment of our mother’s womb, water plays a central role in our lives from the very beginning. And, in addition, the wetness associated with sexual arousal makes water an evocatively sexual element.

Water games – indoors

At home, there are many ways that water can be used to make lovemaking more exciting. Getting into the bath or shower together can be a tantalizing run-up to intercourse, a new place to have sex, or just a soothing way to relax together afterwards.


At risk of stating the obvious, the most common thing we do with water is wash ourselves. The feel of water on the skin can be invigorating, or relaxing, depending on its temperature and how it is used.

Many people find that either sensation can enhance their enjoyment of a particular lovemaking episode. Applying soap and stroking your partner’s body – or your own – can be a good excuse for intimate physical contact.

Bathing can also make a couple feel sexy, because it unites them in a comforting ‘back-to-the-womb’ way, as they revel in the same watery environment. This is where the usually restricting design of a bath can work in the intimate couple’s favour.

Close physical contact becomes essential with the intertwining of legs and the search for comfortable positions in which to caress or lather one another.

Underwater sex

Intercourse underwater is rather difficult to achieve even in a large bath, but the

woman can kneel up and be entered from behind, or the man can lift up her pelvis as he kneels in the water and enter her as she lies back, supporting herself on her elbows underwater.

A sensual experience

If you want to make a real fuss of your partner in the bath, soap them down, and treat the experience as a version of a watery, sensual massage. Depending on the size of your bath, you can do this as you kneel by the side or lie in it if it is big enough.

Use soap or shower gel to clean every nook and cranny, leaving the genitals until last, and then rinse your partner down. (You may prefer to use a very mild, unscented soap to avoid causing irritation around the delicate genital area.) Then turn sensual massage into a sexual caress, and bring him or her to orgasm.

The more adventurous can get their partner to support their weight on their elbows, and allow the lower part of the body to float to the surface. Their relative weightlessness will make this quite comfortable for them, while their partner brings them to orgasm with oral sex. To finish off, allow them to lie back and wallow in the afterglow of orgasm and then – when they are ready – dry them down with a luxuriously soft towel, taking as long as necessary to turn that into another long and lingering sensual experience that can be as erotic as you care to make it.

Setting the temperature

Some couples enjoy foreplay in the bath and then get out and make love on the bathroom floor. Whatever you do in the bath, make sure that the water is kept pleasantly warm to ensure that you do not get cold.

As well as being a place to make love in, sharing a bath can be a postscript to lovemaking and a way of slowly unwinding and getting back into the humdrum of daily routine.


This has many of the same attractions as does bathing together but without the sensual sense of weightlessness that comes from being immersed in water. But you can still soap and massage one another and then have a cold, invigorating shower – or a warm, sensual one.

Making love in a shower can be fun, but unless you have a particularly large shower area, it can be a bit constricting and take a little imagination and physical dexterity to make the most of the opportunities that showering together offers. For example, if the shower is at the end of the bath, the man can play the water over the woman’s back as she leans forward and he enters her slowly and sensually from behind.

More athletic positions in the shower cubicle need some care. There is always a risk of slipping and injuring yourself or your partner. Also, remember that the shower-head is not strong and should not be used as a support.


A jacuzzi is a whirlpool-type bath which sprays jets of warm water against the skin. It is an extremely relaxing and sensual way to refresh your body, as air forced into the water creates bubbles which burst on contact with the skin, and help to release tension in the body.

The sensual possibilities are almost endless. While intercourse is possible, just as it is in the bath, it is better as the flow and power of the water can provide an almost complete sexual experience in itself.


Fashionable in the 1970s, waterbeds consist of a large water-filled bag which forms the mattress of the bed. It can be as rigid or as flexible as you wish – depending upon how much water you put into it. Lying on the mattress, which should be covered with a cloth sheet in the normal way, is a sensation which some people like but which can make others feel slightly queasy. The bounce in such a bed makes for interesting intercourse as the couple experience unusual rippling sensations that create an impression of making love at sea.

Also, as the couple move about the bed it seems to envelop their bodies, making for a unique experience.

Water games – outdoors

Outdoors, an intimate encounter by the sea, or in a swimming pool, can be a highly erotic and sensual experience, although what you can do in public is restricted by law. You should make sure that you are completely alone if you want to make love out of doors.

Swimming pool

Making love in a swimming pool can be extremely arousing. Simply being in the warm water with your lover is stimulating enough, but you will need your own pool, or at least be sure you have exclusive use of one, if you are to take the matter to its logical conclusion.

Weightless sex

In a swimming pool, the woman can float on her back in the water in the shallow end while the man walks backwards down the slope until his penis is floating horizontally on the surface of the water. Now penis and vagina are at the same level.

While supporting his partner under her buttocks and lower back, the man can penetrate her. She weighs almost nothing in this position, and can be easily positioned at many angles, making penetrations that are impossible on land comparatively simple to achieve.

For those who do not have a pool of their own, similar fun can be had at the seaside – but as beaches are public places, make sure you find somewhere deserted or you could find yourself in court on a charge of public indecency.


We all imagine that lying on the beach at the water’s edge in a warm climate and making love to a handsome man or a beautiful girl will be a romantic as well as an arousing experience, but in reality the cocktail of waves, sand and sex is a little more sobering.

As each wave breaks over the lovers’ bodies, it can cause considerable friction between penis and vagina. This friction can cause irritations. To avoid this, try getting into deeper water before starting to make love. If the shore-line is covered with boulders or pebbles, a sexual encounter at the water’s edge is possible without much hazard, although it may be extremely uncomfortable.

Wet-look fantasies

A man or woman clad only in a wet cotton shirt reveals their physique in a very tantalizing way as the water makes the cloth transparent and moulds it to the body. Advertisers know that the potent image of a well-formed body seen through a clinging, wet T-shirt is a powerful selling tool and often use it to promote holidays. ‘Buy our product and you will fulfil your sexual fantasies with the object of your dreams.’ And time and again we queue and buy whatever is offered to us.

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