Same-Sex Couples Could Some Day Have Babies With Shared DNA..

Lesbian and gay couples might one day be able to produce offspring that share genetic traits from both parents, a study in mice has determined. Researchers with the Chinese Academy of Sciences produced 29 healthy mouse pups from two mothers using stem cells and targeted gene editing, according to a new report. “Not only were they born, the reassuring part was that these pups went ahead and had offspring of their own later on,” said Dr. Tomer Singer, director of reproductive endocrinology at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. “They were healthy enough to reproduce, which is important,” added Singer, who was not involved in the experiment. The Chinese research team also produced 12 live offspring from two genetic fathers, but the process was more complicated and the offspring lived only a few days. Nevertheless, “this study is a very important first step to prove the concept that in mammals, you may not need a male and a female parent,” Singer said…

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