Role up, role up!

You’ve just discovered your partner gets her kicks out of role playing. You’re not entirely sure about it – isn’t role playing something gay men do for kicks?

Don’t uniforms of any kind belong with maid outfits – in the minds of straight men and their mistresses?

Role playing is pretty normal sexual behaviour and adds some spice to sex lives, especially when people have been together for a while and the initial lust subsides.

So long as you are acting out your sexual fantasies in a responsible fashion with a consensual partner and you are not hurting anyone, by all means dress up however you want! So long as you both find it satisfying and find new ways to make love, you can’t go wrong.

Role playing can often be confused with BDSM behaviour, which to a lot of people involves pain. Role playing needn’t involve any of this at all. You can wear school uniforms, nurses outfits, men’s clothes – anything really! Just make sure you discuss with your girl what turns her on, or you could achieve the opposite effect entirely.

If it’s something you haven’t done before, start off gently by just accessorising – no need to go out and buy the full PVC outfit! Most importantly – relax. No one else apart form your beloved is going to see you, so there’s nothing to lose!

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