‘Roe Vs Wade’ Movie Is Pro-Life Propaganda To Overturn It..

On June 11, NOLA.com reported on the production of a “Roe v. Wade movie” that was filming in New Orleans. On July 3, The Hollywood Reporter revealed more details of said production, describing the film as a “secret Roe v. Wade movie” that appears to be slanted pro-life, has been riddled with production issues, and features some of the confirmed worst people on the planet. Lots of information is floating about this movie, so here is a helpful guide. Sofia Vergara’s ex-boyfriend Nick Loeb (yes, that one… the frozen embryos) and Cathy Allyn are writing, directing, and producing the film. They reportedly started production on June 15 in New Orleans. Production wraps on July 15. THR reported that the budget is around $3.5 million, but NOLA.com had it at roughly $6.8 million. The title of the movie is simply Roe v. Wade, which suggests it’ll be a nice story about how abortion rights came to be, but (twist) it’s been described as leaning heavily pro-life. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film “chronicles the 1973 Supreme Court decision that guaranteed a woman’s right to an abortion” and has a “pro-life tilt”..

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