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Rear-entry sex positions

rear_entry_sex_positionsOf all the rear-entry sex positions, the ‘doggy’ position is almost certainly the best known. But with imagination, the loving couple can find others that are even more stimulating.

It should be said first that intercourse face to face is by far the most popular form of lovemaking, for a variety of reasons.

First, most women like to be held and have a good deal of close bodily contact during lovemaking. Second, and at risk of stating the obvious, a woman’s breast and lips – two major sources of erotic stimulation – are on the front of the body, where they can be seen and ‘made use of’ by her lover during sex. And third, many women associate rear-entry sex positions with animal behaviour and therefore find it a turn-off.

Making the change

For a couple who make love several times a week, however, making love in positions that involve the man penetrating from the rear can be a refreshing change and can add a touch of variety to their sex lives.

The G-spot

With greater interest than ever before in the G-spot, it has been suggested by researchers that rear-entry lovemaking could actually be preferable from the woman’s point of view.

In rear-entry sex positions, the man’s penis stimulates the front vaginal wall and is therefore highly exciting to a woman who has a sensitive G-spot.

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Practical advantages

Whatever the physical and emotional advantages and disadvantages of rear-entry positions, there are many practical advantages for the couple who enjoy making love in this way.

In a rear-entry sex position, the woman can feel exceptionally vulnerable. Some women find this highly stimulating – the thought of being penetrated and taken in an ‘animal-like’ way greatly turns them on. However, other women find it a turn-off because they consider it an ‘unromantic’ position.

For all its pleasures and advantages, rear-entry lovemaking is not very romantic. For many couples, though, this is no drawback, as the woman will want to be taken with ardour on some occasions, while on others she will want tender loving and romantic intercourse.


Try the reverse Coital Alignment Technique (CAT) to rock and grind your way to orgasm.

As human beings, we have a vast range of possibilities – and this is to our advantage. It’s fashionable today for women to talk about caring men in bed who spend ages with detailed and prolonged foreplay, but this should not become a boring routine, however pleasant it might be.

Many women, in therapy, say that they greatly enjoy being taken roughly. It proves to them that they are so desirable that their man cannot keep his hands off them, which is in itself sexually flattering. It also absolves them from having to put up which much foreplay which they might find contrived, boring or repetitive.

For the man who likes to see his woman’s bottom and anus, rear-entry positions can be extremely stimulating. If both partners like it, the man can caress her bottom and stimulate her anus. Because in many rear-entry sex positions, the woman’s thighs are at an angle to her body – especially true in the classical ‘doggy’ position – penetration is quite deep, and can on occasion be very deep.

For the woman who has a sensitive G-spot, rear-entry sex positions can be especially good. The man’s penis can be arranged to hit the right spot or to massage it gently, whichever the woman prefers. Even if the woman is not sensitive to G-spot stimulation, she will experience very different sensations, many of which are highly arousing, if only because of the position’s novelty to her.

A woman who is shy, who wants to fantasise about another man, or who wants to be sexually satisfied but would rather not be reminded too blatantly of her partner for some reason, may find rear-entry a good way round her problem. By facing away from the man, she can enjoy her partner’s penis and caresses in a somewhat anonymous way.

Rear-entry positions leave the man’s hands free to caress and stimulate the woman’s body. In some rear-entry positions, especially the ‘doggy’ position, the man has more freedom to thrust and alter the amount and angle of movement his penis makes.

Rear-entry sex positions are ideal when a woman is pregnant and finds the missionary position too uncomfortable. But her partner must limit the depth of penetration in the last few weeks of pregnancy.

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Rear-entry positions range from the simple ‘doggy’ position to some highly adventurous positions that will please more athletic lovers.

Whatever variations you choose to try, make sure it suits both of you. If one partner finds a particular position awkward, painful or tiring, this will obviously detract a great deal from his or her enjoyment.

In the ‘doggy’ position, the woman kneels on the bed or the floor and her partner kneels behind and enters her. She can angle her pelvis in several different ways according to how far she leans forward and how she supports herself.

Each position gives new sensations to both. The woman can, for example, keep her body horizontal by resting on her hands and knees. She can rest on her elbows, or even lie with her arms back along her body, or put them under her forehead as her breasts support her upper body.

Penetration is extremely good, especially if the woman lies with her chest on the bed. The man has a large range of possible movements and the woman can be taken very forcefully, which many enjoy. A few women find that air becomes pushed into the vagina in some of these positions. This need not necessarily be a problem, but if the penis traps air and pushes it up into the top of the vagina it can cause pain. When the woman turns over, the air comes out with an embarrassing noise, but most couples either ignore this or are able to make a joke out of it.

rear_entry_sex_positionsFor hard, deep thrusting, try having sex over the edge of the bed or a cushioned table.

A modification of the ‘doggy’ positions is for the woman to kneel on a low stool or table – covered with something that cushions her knees. The man stands behind her, between her open legs, and enters her.

For the more athletic, another good rear-entry position is to ask the woman to bend over with her legs wide apart and rest her hands on the floor in front of her. Her bottom and vulva are now exposed and the man can, by bending his knees a little, enter her from behind.

Movement and penetration are good, at least for the man, but the woman’s movements are somewhat restricted, apart from being able to wiggle her hips from side to side to enhance the pleasure. She can, as in all rear-entry positions, contract her pelvic muscles to make it more stimulating for them both.

A restful and very enjoyable rear-entry position is ‘the spoons’. The woman lies facing away from the man with her knees drawn up. The man cuddles into her body from behind and curls around and enters her. They can lie still with his penis inside her or he can move around. Penetration can be deep if she angles her body down towards the foot of the bed. He can reach round and caress the front of her body and kiss her neck and back.

In the ‘reverse cowgirl’ position, the man lies on the bed with his knees together and the woman kneels over his hips, facing away from him. She takes her weight on her hands placed either side of his legs. She controls the amount of movement in this rear-entry, woman-on-top position. This sex position is particularly enjoyable for the bottom-centred man as he can see her bottom and anus and caress them, while his lover takes the lead.

Another sex position is suitable for the woman with strong arms. Here, the woman leans over the bed, supporting her entire weight on her arms, and the man lifts her open legs off the ground and stands between them as he enters her from behind. Although movement is fairly limited in this position, penetration can be quite deep.

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