Prolonging Sex – For Multiple Orgasms

CAT_sex_positions_coital_alignment_techniqueSlow intercourse, in the sex positions which most readily allow for this, can lead to a more intense and protracted experience of orgasm for both men and women. One reason for this is that the sensation has had time to build and gather in intensity, and another that our minds, our thoughts, have become more fully embroiled in the act of lovemaking, and in all the fantasies we share with our partner. The afterglow can become positively dreamy – for him – and a great opportunity to keep going and have more orgasms – for her.

In terms of sex positions, try the Coital Alignment Technique (CAT), in which you rock together gently to orgasm, or a stop-and-start approach to other man-on-top positions, in which you alternate stimulation through intercourse with manual stimulation of her clitoris and vagina, or with sex toys. If the man is positioned kneeling, it’s easy for him to pause without withdrawing his penis, to ease the stimulation he receives, while continuing hers. It’s also easy to thrust really slowly.

For the man, it can be utterly blissful to come through slow, gradual stimulation, until orgasm becomes irresistible – and then being poised on that point of no return lasts whole long seconds. Now he is ready to continue his good offices for her.

If the woman has not experienced orgasm already, continue to stimulate her in the ways she likes, and with as much intensity as she likes in any moment. This might involve direct stimulation of the clitoris, with a well-lubed and manicured thumb, as well as continued stimulation of the clitoral suburbs, labia and mons, and out to her inner thighs and across her stomach. And you can continue the vaginal stimulation with a hand or – perhaps better yet – a sex toy. Try using a rabbit vibrator – these can have the best effects.

As her sensation builds, continue to see just how long you can maintain this, edging her orgasm until she explodes with it. It’s at this point you can begin to explore her multi-orgasmic potential, while she’s glowing.

Her clitoris might now be too sensitive to touch with any force with your fingers. Try instead blowing against it, or laying your tongue gently over it. With your fingers, reach inside her vagina and feel for her G-spot, massaging it with you fingertips. In this way, you can coax the resolution phase of orgasm to become re-arousal. Of course, if you get hard again quickly, then slip your penis inside. Otherwise, use a toy again and maintain sensation.

Caress her all over as well, and kiss – around her face as well as on her lips. Maintain high levels of intimacy and emotional connection.

Gradually, build things up again. Switch to sustained oral sex techniques, working her clitoris with your tongue. Follow the feedback she gives you with words and noise. Keep massaging around the opening of her vagina and inside with hands or toys.

It could be you can maintain this high for some time, with orgasm following orgasm, or it might be that with her second orgasm she really has had enough. Then it can be time for intimacy in less sexual ways – to kiss and caress and maybe share a few thoughts.

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