Preventing pregnancy

Whilst having children is a wonderful thing, an unwanted pregnancy can cause unnecessary stress on a relationship. Making sure you that you practice safer sex is essential. Plus, unprotected sex can lead to any of a number of sexually transmitted infections (see Related Links for article on STIs). The golden rule is always use a condom with a new partner.

Contraception choices: pros and cons

The Pill

The pill is believed to protect against some cancers but increase risk of others. It can improve skin quality but can also cause weight gain, loss of sex drive and a variety of other symptoms. Read the leaflet inside your pill packet and talk to your doctor if you have any concerns. You should not take the pill if you smoke.

The Coil

Whilst some women find it an effective solution, the coil doesn’t always implant in the body properly and can lead to heavier periods.

The Cap

Other than its habit of ‘pinging’ across the room at inopportune moments, the cap can be messy and cut down on spontaneity. It should always be used with a spermicide.


This is not a reliable method of contraception as sperm is contained in pre-cum – the fluid that leaks out of man’s penis before ejaculation.


Although this is good as it’s a barrier form of contraception, the Femidom can be quite noisy, rustling while you’re having sex and spoiling the mood. Also, some women may find it difficult to insert.

Hormone implants

These can be good for women who tend to forget to take pill every day, but can cause side-effects.

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