Prankster Dad Hides 12 Inch Sex Toy In Son’s Carry-On Luggage..

This is the hilarious moment a son was left red-faced after his prankster father left a 12-inch sex toy in his luggage. The clip shows the son’s horrified expression as airport security looking through his bags discover the sex toy, along with a pot of lubrication. Ted Andressen, from New Orleans, Louisiana, can be heard laughing loudly while his son looks more and more mortified as the smiling airport worker lifts the object out of his luggage. Mr Andressen posted the footage on his Facebook account with the caption: ‘When you plant a 12 inch dildo and lube in your sons carry on. Priceless.’ Incredibly, the footage has been viewed 22 million times while also being shared 446,000 times. The clip shows him filming his son, who has not been named, while waiting for the female member of security staff to discover the sex toy.

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