People Share What Valentine’s Day Is Like In A Polyamorous Relationship..

Valentine’s Day is stressful enough when you’re just dating one person (all that date-planning, gift-researching, and flower-giving) — now imagine adding multiple boyfriends and girlfriends to the mix. That’s reality for people in polyamorous relationships, which means V-Day can be pretty tricky. Logistically, there are just more people to consider. But along with the extra work comes extra love, too. We talked to seven poly people about how they manage to show multiple partners they care on V-Day. Here’s what it’s really like, and how they make it work.
First off, card-giving is a struggle. Asha, 36, lives in Springfield, Virginia. She’s engaged, both her and her fiancé both date others. “Compared to when I was monogamous, I now have more people to contact, and more gifts and cards to buy. I also have a much harder time finding Valentine’s Day cards. They are all very monogamously bent…”

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