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Oral sex tips

017.jpgHead for the right spots, and you can have him in oral sex heaven in no time! The Lovers’ Guide gives you the low-down, or go-down, on the oral sex techniques guaranteed to please him.

Man One: Describe the worst blow job you’ve ever had.

Man Two: Pretty damn good!

It may be an old joke, but to a large extent, it’s true. As long as you don’t bite, blow or generally damage his bits then your partner will probably love it. However, there are a few things you can do to make oral sex better.

Lots of men like the visual element and the power kick that comes from being fellated by a woman who’s on her knees. However, if this sets your feminist hackles rising, get him to lie on his back and then kneel across him. This angle means that you can get him far enough down your throat for it to be enjoyable, it gives him a great view but also puts you in control. Try looking into his eyes while you ‘perform’ oral sex to give him a sexy thrill.

So – how to give oral sex

In fact generally, use your hands as well as your mouth when you’re performing oral sex. Put your hand around his shaft and your lips around the head of his penis then move your hand and mouth up and down in time with each other, licking and sucking as you go. If you have long hair, try stroking it across his balls while you suck him.

Some men put their hands on the back of your head when you’re performing. It makes it far harder for you to stay in control and keep things comfortable, so ask him beforehand or indicate that you don’t want him to do it.

Listen to his moans to see what he likes best. Lots of men like their frenulum – the ‘stringy bit’ under the head of their cock – to be teased or flicked with a tongue. Some men like having their balls played with, so you can put your other hand to good use toying with his balls – gently – at the same time as sucking him and masturbating his shaft.

Should you deep throat him?

If you’d like to try to ‘deep throat’ your partner, learn how to control your gag reflex. You can also make things easier by raising your soft palate. Tense your mouth, flare your nostrils and you’ll feel it rise. This gives more space for his penis to slide down. The more space your throat has got, the better, so it’s far easier to do with your neck straight that bent – him leaning over you while you pull him towards your face, rather than vice versa.

Bear in mind that there are some men who are just too big to deep throat. If this is the case, give him a similar sensation by lubricating your hand and then masturbating him with it while you push the head of his penis into your cheek. Most men can’t tell the difference in the heat of the moment.

Asking him what he enjoys and then doing it (assuming you like what he suggests) is the best way of ensuring you both have fun. If you’re really unsure of how to give oral sex, try acting out a fantasy where you are a sex novice and he has the job of instructing you. It can be a sexy way of improving your technique.

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