Oral sex issues: in my mouth?

Oral sex adviceFavourite foreplay for me is oral sex. I love to come when my man goes down on me – and it only makes when he enters me all the more sensational. I like to give him oral, too, but don’t want him to come. Partially it’s that I want him still able to come in me (well in  a condom – we’ve only been together three months) but, I must admit, partially it’s the worry of not wanting to swallow his semen. I’ve just never done it. Does that matter? I am beginning to think he’s noticing what I’m up to.. Also, can I ask if I can catch an STD from oral sex?

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If you’ve been together for three months and you’re sure that you are both only seeing each other – have the talk – then now is a good time for you both to go and tested for STIs. Talk to your doctor or visit your local GUM (genito-urinary medicine) clinic. It’s a good idea anyway to get tested at the start of a relationship. If either of you is carrying any unwanted passengers, you want to know. Make it a bonding thing.

Generally speaking, STI transmission through oral sex is less likely than through intercourse. Have to say, though, that gonorrhoea and Hep A can spread orally. And, hate to be a killjoy, but Herpes, pubic lice, scabies and HPV (genital warts) can spread from person to person irrespective of condom use. Oral transmission of HIV is unlikely – though do note that transmission is possible when receiving vaginal oral sex. Go get tested.

If your concerns are entirely health-related, then – assuming you both are clear of infections – you can go ahead and share bodily fluids to your heart’s desire, so long as you are sure this is a one-on-one relationship and neither one of you is going to stray from that. If either of you don’t want to make that commitment, or the trust isn’t there, then of course go on using condoms.

It might be, though, and we reckon it probably is, that you just don’t like the thought of his cum in your mouth. Is it the taste? Or what? The ‘eewww, ick’? Sounds like you may not have even got that far. His (healthy) ejaculate is not going to harm you – indeed, it’s nutrient-rich. Some (of his) diets, those rich in red meats, for example, can leave cum tasting unpleasant, and if he’s ‘lovin’ it’ at the fast food franchise each day you’ll probably not be lovin’ it much when he pops you his load.

One thing you can do to help with the taste is to have something sweet, such as orange juice, to drink before he ejaculates. This can take the edge off, then, before your taste buds know it, you’ve swallowed: taste gone. As for the initial, sudden shock of your mouth ‘filling’ (yeah right) with a sweet gob of happiness-for-him, that’s something to learn to love. (Are acquired tastes worth acquiring? For him, yes.)

So, get yourselves tested and give it a go. (It’s a little like oysters, just sexier.) Some become converts, some opt for immediate discreet transfer of it to a Kleenex and some for the pearl necklace…

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