One In Five People Have Been In A Sexually Open Relationship..

How many people have ever been involved in a consensual non-monogamous (CNM) relationship before? The results of two recent studies involving nationally representative samples (one from the United States and one from Canada) reached nearly identical conclusions: approximately 20% (or 1 in 5) respondents said they had. Overall, 2.4% of participants said they were currently involved in an open relationship. For purposes of this study, an “open relationship” was defined as one in which “both partners agree that they can each engage in some amount of sexual and/or romantic activity with people other than each other. Both partners consent to the activity, decide what is acceptable, and are open and honest about their sexual/romantic activities. Polyamorous and Swinger are two types of open relationships.” Among those who were currently in a romantic relationship of some type, 4% described their relationship as open. This number is in line with the results of other surveys, which have suggested that about 5% of people in relationships are consensually non-monogamous…

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