Number Of Cases Of New Yorkers Caught Having Public Sex Way Down..

Are New Yorkers having less sex in public? If you frequent New York City parks, you might think so. The police have given fewer tickets for public sex, according to an article by my colleague J. David Goodman. In 2007, 432 tickets were written for the offense of “sex in park.” In 2018, there were only six. Possible explanations: The police are writing fewer tickets. Parks have been upgraded, drawing in more crowds and thus reducing opportunities for illicit encounters. Maybe New York has gentrified too much — from a wild, fun-loving mecca to a dull, money-chasing rat maze. Smartphones make it easier to record and report from practically anywhere. The technology also helped usher in the “see something, say something” public awareness campaign that started in subways and spread to nearly every other corner of life. This is not to say public sex has gone away entirely…

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