Norwegian Government Asks Students To Stop Having Sex On Roundabouts..

Everyone understands that being in and around roundabouts is a traffic hazard. It may not be so dangerous for someone to be without clothes on the bridge, but drivers can get too much of a surprise and completely forget that they are driving. The last thing you expect to see when navigating a roundabout is two teens doing something that is very NSFW. Or NSFD, as the case may be. There is a more important reason for this statement and it isn’t just the Norwegian government trying to prevent kids from having fun. Every year during the Russ, students drive around in vans painted different colours. But due to the nature of the revelry, accidents involving the vehicles would sometimes happen, resulting in the deaths of students who are aged just 18 and 19. Remember kids – have fun responsibly, listen to the government and don’t have sex on a roundabout…

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