New Upskirting Law May Not Prevent Camera-Phone Perverts..

As of this week, it is illegal to take an image or video under someone’s clothing without permission. Doing so is punishable by up to two years in prison and a spot on the sex offenders register. I know what you’re thinking: do we really need a law to help men understand that taking a photograph of a woman’s crotch, without her consent, is bad? Well, a YouGov survey in October last year found that 15 per cent of men aged 25 to 34 (and 10 per cent of men of all ages) did not think that upskirting in the workplace counted as sexual harassment. So it can’t hurt. The law is good news and a rare example of British politics actually working in the current climate. But part of me can’t help but wonder how effectively it will actually be. New figures published this week show that the number of upskirting incidents has doubled in a year, with police in England and Wales recording 120 in 2018, compared to 56 in 2017. One involved a girl of seven, another a woman of 70. Only 120? That’s surely a woeful understatement…

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