New Laws Make Abortion Illegal Before Women Even Know They’re Pregnant..

While President Donald Trump is banking on the power of inflammatory anti-abortion rhethoric to help him win the White House again, conservative lawmakers in state legislatures across the country are laserfocused on taking the fight to the courts. The road to making abortion illegal in the U.S. again is paved with extreme regulations like so-called “hearbeat bills.” Since January, nearly a dozen states have introduced this type of legislation, which bans abortion as soon as a fetal heartbeat is detected. One of them is Georgia, where the measure could be approved by the state Senate as soon as Monday. The bill passed the House last week and Republican Gov. Brian Kemp has urged, “This is just a straight up abortion ban. The reality is that most folks don’t find out they are pregnant until after six weeks. This is not only happening in Georgia. It’s a calculated attack, going on all throughout the country, to eliminate access to abortion”…
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