‘Monogamish’ – What It Means And Why Couples Are Adopting It..

Monogamish is probably a word you haven’t heard much before, but it is exactly what it sounds like – mostly monogamous. No matter your view on monogamy – for or against – you have to admit that we place a crazy amount of importance on it even though, as a species, we’re pretty rubbish at it. Couples who have been together for decades, who have a family, shared thousands of life experiences and have supported each other through all of life’s hardships are often willing to throw all that away because one of them has sex with another person. Doesn’t that seem out of whack to you? Would you leave your partner if they messed up at work and lost their job? Probably not, but surely that has far more of an impact on your life than them sleeping with someone else. ‘Monogamish’ was a new one on me until I started listening to the Savage Lovecast podcast, created by sex and relationships columnist Dan Savage…

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