#MeToo: The Difficult Truths About Gay Men And Sexual Assault..

#MeToo. And so many other men ― gay, bisexual, straight and otherwise ― have been assaulted and many of us, due to pride or embarrassment or just being unable to untangle the tricky, slippery strands of how and why ― say nothing or find ways to explain away or, worse, blame ourselves for what happened. What’s more, because it’s so taboo for men ― gay or otherwise ― to talk about being sexually assaulted, few of the conversations that need to be happening are happening. And still, as much as I want as many people as possible talking about sexual assault and sexual harassment, I was disheartened to read an op-ed in USA Today this morning by Marc Ambinder entitled “How does Harvey Weinstein happen? Visit a gay bar with me.” In his piece, Ambinder attempts to tie non-consensual touching and kissing in gay bars to Weinstein and the culture that allows him and other men to force their way ― in so many ways ― onto women…

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