Male multiple orgasm – you and yours

Male multiple orgasmMultiple male orgasm is said to occur when the man is capable of separating the experience of orgasm from ejaculation. The training to achieve male multiple orgasm is an exercise in brinkmanship, muscle control and sheer will power. Once he is adept, it is said that the multi-orgasmic man may experience wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure – indefinitely, or until he grows wary or chooses to cum.

The plateau and the point of no return

The process of orgasm passes through what are often considered as four phases: the initial arousal and excitement phase; the plateau phase; the orgasm phase, comprising emission and, beyond the point of no return, ejaculation; and the resolution phase. After he ejaculates, most males enter a refractory period, typically lasting 30-40 minutes, though this will vary between individuals, during which he is unable to sustain another erection.

By avoiding tipping over the point of no return, beyond which ejaculation is inevitable, practitioners of male multiple orgasm techniques avoid entering the refractory period and so may continue to sustain an erection, feel aroused and experience the same sense of euphoria that comes as ejaculation approaches.

In essence, that’s pretty much it. If you’d like to give it a go, here’s how to proceed.

The pubococcygeous (PC) muscle

The pubococcygeous muscle is one of two muscles forming the floor of the pelvis. It controls the flow of urine, supports a man’s erection and contracts during orgasm. Strengthening the muscle is said to improve the quality of your orgasm and help to elevate your erection. It is also central to multiple male orgasm technique.

In order to locate your PC muscle, stop yourself mid-flow when you’re peeing. That’s the PC muscle – the one you’ve just used.

In order to strengthen the muscle, you’ll need to give it a work-out. Each day, two or three times a day, tense and release the muscle, not while peeing now, until it tires. Try twenty reps each time to begin with. Gradually, as with any other muscle group, the PC muscle will tone.

You’ll be using the PC muscle to stop yourself ejaculating when working towards multiple orgasm.

Masturbate to multiple ‘O’s

When you masturbate next you’ll be doing rather more than simply knocking one off, so the restroom at work probably won’t be appropriate.

Get yourself turned on and masturbate. As to how quickly you go to start with, that’s up to you. The important part comes, so to speak, when you’re nearing the brink: when the tension rises, regular muscle spasms begin to build and the mental lights start shining brightly. Then, just as you feel the universe about to explode, stop. Clench those PCs. In the initial stages of training, press with your hand quite hard against the perineum, between the anus and the base of the penis. Wait a few seconds for the urgency to subside. Gather your thoughts then begin again – perhaps slowly this time.

Repeat this, during the same masturbation session, and try pushing a little closer to the brink each time, each time clenching your PC muscles and refusing to ejaculate. See how close to the edge you can go. For the ultimate ejaculatory experience, it has been said you should repeat this exercise until you have absolutely no conscious will power left about whether or not you ejaculate: you just have to. But that isn’t quite the point here. The choice to ejaculate is, to the multi-orgasmic male, a matter of pride and an ideal.

As you become adept at controlling ejaculation – over several masturbation sessions – you should find yourself more and more able to enjoy the feelings of arousal and almost-climax without feeling that to get too engaged in your feelings will prevent your exercising ejaculatory control. At this point, if you can control ejaculation and let yourself go with the orgasmic feeling at the same time, then congratulations: you’re a multi-orgasmic man. You can now ride the crest of pleasure without tumbling into the great beyond, the little death of ejaculatory climax – until you choose that’s where you want to be.

Myth or reality?

As it is outlined above, the multiple male orgasm is certainly very much do-able. As to whether you want to achieve it, that rather depends on what to you is the greatest pleasure of orgasm: the peaking, bright-lights, sharp-sensation feeling as you approach ejaculation; or the release of spent tension, that moment’s annihilation, that comes with ejaculation. Of course, you could go for a balancing act between the two.

Your partner might thank you, if she is into long penetrative sex sessions – and if you can control exactly when you cum you’ll be able to offer penetrative sex and foreplay in just the ways that are most pleasurable to her.

Our conclusion is that it’s worth exploring and playing with. We don’t hold out the multiple male orgasm as an ideal which all men must aspire to, but do think it can broaden the range of available sexual pleasures if you give it a go.

Your multi-orgasmic experiences

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