Love Makes You Fat – Newlyweds Put On Four To Five Pounds..

Love might be blind, but it could also be fattening, scientists claim. Newlyweds gain an average of four to five pounds within the first year of marriage, explains Dr Catherine Hankey, a senior lecturer in nutrition at the University of Glasgow. Some couples can gain up to three or four pounds in as little as three months if they are also living together, she adds. This could be because mealtimes become central to co-habitating couples, who may encourage one another to eat more and subsequently move less. “This is a huge cultural issue,” she told The Times. “People moving in together really need to watch their weight. Becoming obese is bad for self-esteem and can damage relationships too.” Hankey’s comments follow a number of scientific studies which have proven that a happy relationship is synonymous with piling on the pounds…

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