Love Actually Makes Us Crazy – Psychotherapist Claims..

When top London psychotherapist Frank Tallis was consulted by a stalker suffering from an extreme case of unrequited love, he was struck by how balanced the woman seemed in other aspects of her life. The 40-something worked as a lawyer’s clerk and was happily married, but had fallen head-over-heels for her dentist, who’d exhibited a nice bedside manner after a particularly nasty surgery. Her feelings weren’t reciprocated in the slightest and the dentist fled the country to get away from his psychotic patient. “Pathological love is much stronger than ordinary love,” Tallis says. “Megan’s experience [all patient names have been changed] demonstrates how we can feel mentally safe and secure when we are, in fact, walking on a precipice and can tumble over at any time. The line between normality and abnormality is blurred by love”…

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