Lesbian sex on your period

It’s not the most pleasant of topics to some people, but to others it isn’t even an issue. Having sex while you have your period is an inevitable scenario that pretty much every woman of child-bearing age will come across.

Having a period affects us in different ways. Some women find that they couldn’t feel less sexual or attractive. If this is the case with you or your girlfriend, then that’s fine. You know where the line is drawn and sex just doesn’t happen.

If you’ve been together for a reasonable amount of time for you both to be in sync, then that’s just a week of the month when neither of you will feel like having sex. No big deal.

But what if you’re the other way inclined? Many women have claimed to feel more horny than ever and want sex all the time during their period. This is great – but you have to think of a couple of things before going for it. Cleanliness is one of them. For many, there’s nothing worse than being asked to go down on a girl when she has her period and it’s first thing in the morning.

It’s fine to do it – but, girls, keep it clean down there out of respect for both of you and also for health reasons. It doesn’t hurt to have a quick clean up to be sure.

One thing to remember is the STI aspect. You may both be free from any nasties, but it really doesn’t hurt to be cautious. With the amount of blood around, you are more likely to transmit STIs – particularly infections such as cystitis – if your hands aren’t clean or you have a small cut. Sometimes the cut can even be imperceptible to the human eye, but it is still a risk. Invest in a box of latex gloves to have handy by the bed.

It may seem like a real hassle, but think about it – when is sex between two women ever easy! Also have to hand a box of tissues and some cleansing wipes. You may be the lucky one who has a really light period, but if you’re one of those girls who really suffer for more than five days, you’ll need some form of cleanup operation in place.

Thankfully, there is only one other consideration. You might need to be a little gentler. You may feel like getting the seeing to of your life, but you are more sensitive and your body is working harder than usual, so take it easy and listen to your body. Don’t force the issue, otherwise you could end up with long lasting damage.

If it’s your first time, approach it with an open mind and see how it goes – it may or may not work for either of you, but at least you know.

The most important thing to remember is that it’s OK to have sex during your period – you’re not dirty for wanting or doing it and neither is your partner!

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