Is my vagina normal?

Q: I’ve noticed an unsightly piece of skin hanging down from my vagina. It’s attached to the outer wall of my vagina and I am quite worried! I’ve been told that when our hymens break, they attach themselves to our vagina walls unnoticeably but I’m afraid mine is quite noticeable (if this skin is my hymen that is).

When I pull on it, I feel no pain but when I squeeze the end, I do feel a pain, even if only slight. My friends have told me to seek a doctor’s advice, which I suppose is the best thing to do but I am embarrassed about ‘revealing’ myself to my GP, although I have been seeking her advice for years. Is there a known operation to remove this imperfection? Also, is it quite common? I don’t want to be the only one! Please help!

The Lovers’ Guide replies:

Please don’t worry. I frequently see women in surgery worrying about “imperfections” and usually they are normal and require no further treatment. It’s impossible to say what this piece of skin is without seeing you but your GP I am sure will be able to put your mind at rest. As a lady doctor, believe me, you won’t be the first or the last to consult her with this sort of concern, so don’t be embarrassed.

This is probably nothing more than a skin tag but if it’s upsetting you and you want it removed, she will be able to arrange for the local gynaecologist to do this for you. Make that appointment and end your worries – you can always take a friend with you.

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