Is anal sex really so bad for lesbians?

There always seems to be a number of taboos surrounding lesbians and anal sex. It does happen, and it can be a very pleaurable experience. Here’s some advice on how to go about it the right way.

There are a number of misconceptions, some of which we have tried to dispel here.

Is lesbian anal sex always painful?

It is a popular myth that anal sex will always hurt, and most probably stems from reluctant partners clinging to this explanation in an effort to avoid this activity at all cost! Just as pain anywhere in the body is indicative of something being wrong, so is pain in the anal region. A lot of patience is needed with all types of anal play and it is necessary to understand the mechanics of the anal region.

Does anal sex always include penetration?

No, anal sex does not necessarily have to involve penetration. A lot of people enjoy only the slight circling of the anal opening with a finger. This is usually performed in conjunction with oral sex or masturbation – as a little extra stimulation. Others may prefer actual penetration with a dildo or a vibrator. Rimming is the most common term used for anal-oral stimulation…we strongly advise the use of a dental dam for this kind of activity!

Anal pleasure is always physical in nature!

Well, we all know that the forbidden always adds a bit of excitement when it comes to sex. And lesbian anal sex is no different. For many the idea that anal sex is `dirty` and `unnatural` translates into being sleazy, raunchy excitement! There`s a real psychological thrill for some engaging in the forbidden. Those rimming enthusiasts amongst us sometimes feel that they are indulging in something disgusting yet, delightfully perverse. Others view anal sex as a special sharing and giving of trust.

Anal stimulation is enough to bring a partner to orgasm!

Most people need some form of direct genital stimulation to reach orgasm. Anal penetration on it`s own will not necessarily guarantee success. Those who don`t need any clitoral or vaginal stimulation, might find the excitement of anal penetration enough – a psychological, rather than a physical climax. Do remember to stimulate other parts of the body to help relax your partner, as well as bring her to orgasm.

But what about hygiene – isn’t it the same with the vagina?

Even though both areas might seem to be `cut from the same cloth`, they are very different in structure and tissue. For a start: the rectum does not produce lubrication like the vagina and this means there is a need for artificial lubrication. Chemical additives should be avoided and water based lube is advised when there is latex involved. Never use the same toys straight after anal penetration in the vagina. They need to be washed in warm, soapy water and condoms changed, before they can be let loose anywhere near the vagina.

Also be careful as the shape of the rectum differs from that of the vagina. Toys that might be fine for the vagina, might either hurt or even disappear up the rectum.

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