How to seduce your husband

Seduce him!Seducing your husband may seem a novel idea, but it can pay dividends in terms of your relationship and add an extra-special something to your sex life.

In any long-term relationship, the man as well as the woman can feel that he is sometimes taken for granted. And the act of intercourse can all too easily become just a duty.

Therefore, setting out to seduce your husband is worthwhile, especially as men are more easily seduced than women. But a planned seduction can increase the pleasure for both partners.

The benefits of familiarity

In the early days of a relationship, finding ‘new’ ways to please a partner in bed is scarcely necessary because sex is always exciting and different. This is partly because the couple are unfamiliar with each other, but also, when a couple first find love, they can barely wait to see each other, not just to make love, but to kiss, touch and talk. For a while, life is full of anticipation.

But when the couple have been together for some time, the initial feelings of excitement dull, sex is no longer new and familiarity sets in. But familiarity is a powerful weapon in seduction and the woman who knows her partner’s body can give him maximum pleasure.


Sex is only part of the seduction, and as with any event, a large part of the excitement is in the preparation.

Make a list, planning what you intend to do. Cook one of his favourite meals (a cold supper will mean that you can eat at any time), then take time to decide what you will wear. The way you dress and look are the most obvious means of arousal. You might also consider hiring a sexy video from your local video shop the day before the event.

Choose with care

This is his special evening so choose an outfit that will turn him on. Some men like women in stockings, suspenders and high-heeled shoes, others may prefer pure white, virginal underwear.

Make sure that whatever you choose is easy to remove. Many an ardent lover has lost control, or even his erection, while undoing rows of tiny buttons.

On the day

Creating an atmosphere will be very important on the day. If you work, try to get home early to give yourself plenty of time to prepare. Make sure the heating is on – a chilly house can cool the ardour of the most aroused lover.

Finally, get yourself in the mood for love. Once the meal is prepared, languish in a hot scented bath and plan the evening ahead.

Before you dress, relax for a time, wrapped only in a towel. A sneak preview of the evening’s video entertainment will also increase your sexual awareness. If you feel like it, lie on the sofa and masturbate – this will certainly put you in the mood for more.

Take your time to dress – if you look good you will certainly feel good.

The seduction

After a hard day’s work, a fragrant bath is one of the most sensuous ways of relaxing, so run a hot bath for your husband.

When he arrives home, greet him at the door, then pour him his favourite drink. Escort him into the bathroom, undress him, help him into the bath and leave his drink within easy reach.

Remove your dress so you don’t get it wet. This will let him see what you are wearing underneath. This should give him a hint of what is in store.

A taste of things to come

You will know your husband’s sexual capabilities, although most men are capable of at least two orgasms during a lovemaking session.

Tell your husband to close his eyes and then take his penis in your hands. Gently rub each testicle and run your hands up and down the penis shaft, gradually building up the speed.

Tell him how desirable you find him. All he has to do is lie back and enjoy.

When he has reached orgasm, and recovered, dry him off and help him into a bathrobe – there will be no need for him to dress.

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The meal

During the meal, spoil him thoroughly. Keep his wine glass full but do not overdo the drinks for either of you. Once you have finished the meal, take him by the hand to the living room and switch on the erotic video.

Watching the video

Nestle up to him as you both watch the video. When you find a scene particularly exciting, place your hand under his robe and absentmindedly rub his penis. If you feel aroused yourself, place his hand under your dress so that he can feel your clitoris. At this stage resist any temptation to make love.


When the video is finished, put on his favourite piece of music, dim the lights and take your clothes off in front of him. Take your time and move to the music. When they are all off, touch yourself and stimulate your clitoris. Move up to him and use your breasts to tease and tantalize him. Let him touch briefly, moving away if he becomes too insistent. Move up behind him and kiss him. If he likes it, pay special attention to his ears. Remove his bathrobe and kiss him all over, avoiding his penis.


Wherever you have decided to make love, lay your husband down on his front, and rub massage oil into his back.

Use long strokes – up and down and then in a circular movement. Cover every part of his body, paying attention his feet and, finally, his buttocks.

Rub the oil into each buttock using both hands and let a little seep down into the crack between them. Use your fingers to knead slowly but sensuously and, when he is ready, turn him over.

Apply more oil to his chest using your hands as well as your breasts to apply the oil. Massage his legs and thighs, leaving his penis till last.

Worship the penis

Now is the time to use your mouth on his penis. This is an act of lovemaking which few men can resist.

Use your tongue on his testicles and then slowly lick along the length of his penis. Use one of your hands to encircle its root and take it into your mouth.

Move your head up and down and use your other hand to stroke his body as you suck. Now, shift your bottom so that it is over his face. Use your vulva to give him a full genital kiss, moving from side to side as he uses his tongue on you.

Hold him down with your body. Refuse all pleas to let him come inside your mouth unless that is what you both want, and when you sense that the time is right, then turn round.

Make love

The woman-on-top sex position, facing your husband, is probably the best position to complete the seduction.

This enables him to see exactly what you are doing as you bring him to orgasm. Also, you are free to kiss and caress him with your hands or press your breasts against his face as you both move towards orgasm.

Squat over his penis, rubbing it slowly against your clitoris. Move your hips around as you do this, then take the root of his penis in one hand and descend quickly on to it so that the penetration is as deep as you want.

Now you can vary the up-and-down and side-to-side movements, keeping his penis deep inside you. Rub your clitoris as you do this – your own orgasm will be important to both of you now. Try to time your orgasm so that it coincides with his.

And afterwards…

Lie with your head on his chest and tell him how marvellous it was for you. Use your tongue on his chest and stomach and snuggle up to him. If he wants to sleep let him, but if you feel that he may become aroused again, remember that your own body, and your mouth particularly, may be the best means of re-arousing him.

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