How Sex And Money Relate To Overall Happiness..

“Sex” and “Money” are probably two of the most powerful words in the English language. First, those two words got you to look at this article. They also sell products, books, and services from “How To Have Better Sex” to “How To Make More Money” — ostensibly so you can have more of the former. Unfortunately, they are also the two primary causes of divorce in the country today. But “happiness,” is also an interesting word because it is ultimately derived from the ability to obtain money and the lifestyle with which it will afford. Researchers at Purdue University recently studied data culled from across the globe and found that “happiness”doesn’t rise indefinitely with income. In fact, there were cut-off points at which more annual income had a negative effect on overall life satisfaction. So, what’s that number? In the U.S., $65,000 was found to be the optimal income for “feeling” happy. While the media jumped on the headline, given median national incomes are closing in on $60,000, they should have actually read the rest of the study…

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