Having Sex At Least Once A Week Slows Down Aging..

When the researchers compared the women’s reports to their blood samples, they found a fascinating pattern. Mothers who had sex with their partners at least once during that week had significantly longer telomeres—the protective cap on DNA that determines a cell’s lifespan—than those who did not. Over time, telomeres break down as a result of things like poor diet, heavy drinking, and the natural process of growing older, according to the study authors. But their results suggest that regular sex can repair and lengthen telomeres, which means cells live longer and help keep you younger. Researchers have linked shorter telomeres to serious health issues like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes; longer telomeres seem to help prevent disease. The study is small, and the findings will need to be confirmed with further research. But there’s nothing wrong with applying these findings to your relationship…

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