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Gay sex toys in the Lovers' Guide shop

Gay sex toys bring a wealth of delicious experiences to your sex life. Explore intimate anal and genital sensation with butt-plugs, dildos, vibrators and cock rings - and more. Whether it's a fat, super-human-size latex cock up your arse while you think of that perfect partner, or if you fancy a male-chastity lock-up device - like maybe an eager slave's wedding ring? - to keep yourself pure for your top and skip the trip to the restroom when work's got dull, or if it's a case of a few sweet anal vibrations while you're giving head, the LG shops are ripe with fruit for you!

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Sex Advice...

Gay sex toys, gay sex positions

Anal sex toys such as dildos, butt plugs and vibrators can be a beautiful complement to your favourite sex positions. They make for great foreplay, then as well when you’re having anal sex they can enhance this experience, for...

Relationships Advice...

My boyfriend wants me to top him: what do I do?

It can feel such a sexy thrill to submit completely to a dominant partner, to the point where we lock our cock and balls in a chastity device and give him the key. But what if he doesn’t really want us so sub-passive after all?...

Health Advice...

Lost Libido

He’s hot, you’re not. You’re compatible, but somehow your penis isn’t so keen. If you’re the one with the low libido, don’t think of this as a terrible, insurmountable problem you need to deal with on your own, but recognise it...