Gangster and moll: sex Chicago-style

sex fantasy: gangster!Sharp suits, plenty of money and sex appeal – the gangsters of prohibition America had it all. So why not spend a night as Mob King and Moll and enjoy a bedtime romp, gangster style!

At the height of prohibition in 1930s America, the Mob had a hand in the running of almost every town. Successful gangsters had power and money and, to many, these were strong aphrodisiacs.

Every small-town girl that ever dreamed of sleeping in satin sheets wanted to be a gangster’s moll – and every astute woman knew she would gain riches and power by sleeping in a gangster’s bed.

If the glamour of the era excites you and the films leave you nostalgic for those hard and dangerous times gone by, create your own gangster scenario and spend a night of bliss in a bad guy’s arms.

Seduction scenario

The gangster’s moll only wants the best – and she won’t take no for an answer. Once she spies her man she will go all out to get him and won’t stop until he is safely ensconced with her in the best hotel suite in town.

When playing out the fantasy, woo your man by any means possible – you want his money and his body, preferably out of its Italian suit and in your bed! Once you have him alone, your prowess will make him your sexual slave. At last you will be able to enter his world of big bucks and fast cars.

Dress up in something provocative – stockings, a basque or bra and panties – and slip a long robe over the top. If you have a feather boa, wear it. Its downy form will accentuate the smoothness of your skin and it can be used later for all sorts of exciting love games.

going down...Sit your man down, taking his penis in your mouth. As his passion rises, he is now ready for the next stage…

Dressing up

If your partner wants to join you in the fantasy from the outset, he can dress up in a hat and suit, white shirt and shiny shoes, the kind of clothes that look as good strewn over the bedroom floor as they do on.

But even if he knows nothing of your intentions and has settled down for a night in front of the TV, with a few tricks you can get him in the mood to play the part. Bring him a drink – scotch on the rocks – and while he drinks it, let the robe fall away to reveal your underwear. Now, massage his shoulders and start talking sexy.

Pillow talk

Ask him if he’s had a hard day and if he would like to relax somewhere soft and warm. Move closer to your gangster and breathe some of your lustful intentions into his ear to inflame his passion. Tell him, in the language of a gangster’s moll, that you know a way to increase his assets, if he dare take a gamble on some hot property!

If you feel that your man is becoming aroused, guide him into the bedroom immediately and continue your verbal seduction between your sheets. It won’t be long until he gives in and takes you in his arms for a bout of energetic, passionate sex.

Desperate measures

If you don’t think he will give in to the soft approach, then you need to resort to something a little tougher. Pull out your weapon – a toy machine gun or a pistol, which you can pick up at a toy store, and order him to remove his clothes or you shoot. Under supposed threat of fire he should be like putty in your hands and succumb to your every whim.

Once you have him down to just his underwear, slowly run your hands over the muscular contours of his body. Slide your fingers through the jungle of his hair and over the smooth softness of his skin. Then, with the very tips of your fingers, lightly move your hand downwards towards his genitals.

Now, peel off his underwear to reveal your prize and take his penis firmly in your mouth, tugging at it gently with your lips. Cup his testicles with one hand and hold the base of his penis with the other, whileyour mouth and tongue move rhythmically back and forth along the stem of his member.

...and getting on top!As you are in charge of the seduction, lay your man down and use your favourite woman-on-top position to really ‘finish him off’!

Fantasy and reality

If it is straight sex you lust after, you can remove just your panties and climb on top of him, enveloping his penis in the warm depths of your vagina. Adjust your position so that your clitoris brushes the base of his penis, then tilt your pelvis back and forth, so that with each movement you draw his penis up and down in waves of pleasure.

Running wild

Let your imagination run wild and picture yourselves in the bridal suite of a Chicago hotel, where together you have just pulled off the biggest bank robbery of the decade. In a few hours, he has to get away to safety, leaving you behind so as not to arouse suspicion with the police. Who knows when you are going to see him again? In the next few hours left together, you must give him something to remember you by.


When you have both climaxed, remain still for some minutes, his penis still inside you. Then, while he is still hard, start to move again slowly, coaxing his member back into full erection.

If you are successful, roll over and let him take the lead, abandoning yourself wholly to the pleasure of passionate lovemaking.

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