Documentary Film Asks If Women Have A Higher Sex Drive Than Men..

For years society has concluded that males are the “aggressor”; from the early days when the men were the sole providers, they fought in wars, the protector of the family. The “male” was the dominant figure in relationships and in the bedroom. Or so we thought? Have men have underestimated women? In the 1950’s and 1960’s men thought women should not work, their role was to stay home and raise the children, but today women are a vast number of the American workforce. For years men have thought that women could not lead, now women are in leadership positions in business and politics. For years men have thought women could not fight in wars. But now women fight alongside men in our military. For years men have thought women had a lower sex drive? Can men be proven wrong again? The vast audiences for the hit iconic film, “Fifty Shades of Grey,” proves women are very curious and interested in active, healthy sex lives. This documentary discusses what women are really looking for in a man…

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